VBSV Exclusive: Arrival in Vero Beach, Team Barbecue

August 08, 2010

VERO BEACH, Fla. - After an intense day of practice, the Bulls boarded buses and headed to Vero Beach, were they would finish fall camp. The destination was Vero Beach Sports Village formerly known as “Dodgertown”, where the Los Angeles Dodgers used to hold spring training.

Watch a video of the first day.

Around 7:30 p.m. three coach buses, escorted by local police, pulled into Vero Beach Sports Village. Waiting for them were a group of USF fans holding signs and cheering as the buses parked and the players departed.

Check out photos from Day 1 at Vero Beach Sports Village.

After greeting fans and a brief interview with the local media, Holtz’s coaching staff and the players made their way over to a team barbecue, were Tampa-based Port-a-Pit was catering. The humid Florida weather was something the Bulls could not escape by coming to Vero Beach however, as the weather at the barbecue was identical to when the Bulls departed from Tampa.

With the mosquitos swarming and the players hungry, the picnic tables became engulfed by the massive football bodies ready to start off camp. After a brief speech by head coach Skip Holtz, the players got in line to enjoy some much anticipated food. Silence then filled the field as the players scarfed down their pulled pork and ribs before they had to head to a team meeting.

With lights out at 11 p.m., the Bulls attended a brief team meeting before retreating to their rooms. Tomorrow starts off the first day of Fall Camp at Vero Beach and with the team suiting up in full pads, the excitement of a new place soon becomes an afterthought and the season becomes the focus.

The overall goal of this trip to the east coast of Florida is the ability for the team to practice and prepare for the season without the distractions that often lurk on campus. This marks the first time in USF football history that fall camp has been transplanted somewhere else besides USF. The two and a half hour trip to Vero Beach seemed to be just long enough for Holtz to be satisfied with some sort of isolation for his team.

The first words to come out of Skip Holtz’s mouth after exiting the bus were “It’s great to be here”. Holtz is clearly ready to start the 2010 season, which is shown by his determination to unite this team and get them focused on the game.


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