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Courtesy: USF
VBSV Exclusive: Friday the 13th and Superstitions

VERO BEACH - As Friday the 13th rolled around, caught up with USF football players during training camp at Vero Beach to see who has football superstitions or rituals.

Lindsey Lamar wears a certain type of socks and makes sure his tape is right while listening to Lil' Wayne.

USF special teams players Maikon Bonani, Justin Brockhaus-Kann and Mike Walsh are very superstitious, stepping on the field with a certain foot, not stepping on lines and wearing the same gear for every game.

Every week Danous Estenor gets his pregame energy from a Snickers bar and Austin Reiter recites lines from the movie The Matrix and Point Break.

Growing up in a muscial family, Jeremiah Warren listens to music to get cranked up.

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