VBSV Exclusive: The Bulls Olympics

August 17, 2010

2010 Bulls Olympics Event Line-Up
Event Name Description
Draino Shooting from the free throw line, contestants had to make as many baskets as possible of 10 shots.
Austrailia Time Five chances to successfully drop kick a soccer ball through the uprights of the field goal post.
Climb the Ladder Each contestant has six golf ball bolas. A bola is two golf balls attached by a nylon rope. The object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the steps of the ladder. Players had six throws to accumlate as many points as possible.
Dude Throw a disk as far is possible while keeping within the determined boundaries.
Scramble Navigate an obstacle course in the fastest time possible while carrying an egg on a spoon.
Roundball Chip a golf ball at the pin with the closest to the pin winning.
Hawaiian Punch The person to hula hoop the longest wins.
Ace in the Hole Five tennis serves to successfully place the ball in the opposite box.
Sunny Side Up Egg toss, moving back 2.5 yards on each throw.
Sticks Ten swings to hit as many home runs as possible.
VERO BEACH- Along with their new location for training camp, the University of South Florida football team began a new tradition during its first trip to the Vero Beach Sports Village, the Bulls Olympics.

Following a stirring opening ceremony on Friday morning, the Bulls competed in 10 events over the course of the three-day Olympics.

Larry Antonucci (Assistant Athletics Director/Football Operations), Jeremy Lees (Head Football Equipment Manager) and Patrick Burnham (Assistant Director of Football Operations) all participated as the "Bulls Olympic Committee", coordinating the events and acting as officials.

The Bulls Olympics was added to this year's camp schedule with hopes to bring the team together and help the players get to know each other on a personal level and more importantly, it gave the players a chance to take their minds off the demanding camp practice schedule.

The players were divided into 11 teams and the coaches formed their own as each team chose a country they would "represent". 

Head Coach Skip Holtz was his own team and competed against the teams in every event with the exception of the "Sticks" events, The Home Run Derby. Redshirt sophomore B.J. Daniels pinch-hit for Holtz in the final event of the Olympics. 

Complete Final Results

Bulls Olympics wrapped on Monday evening following the Bulls' practice under the lights at Holman Stadium. The winners were announced and Team Djibouti, and Team Jamaica took home the bronze and silver, respectively, and Team Iraq brought home the Gold in the inaugural Bulls Olympics.

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