Athletic Performance

April 10, 2016
Name Title
Irele Oderinde Director of Athletic Performance
Steve Gortmaker Associate Director of Athletic Performance
Walter Bell Assistant Athletic Performance Coach
Stuart Hart Assistant Athletic Performance Coach
Joey Carnes Assistant Athletic Performance Coach
Stephen Parker Assistant Athletic Performance Coach


USF Athletic Performance


The University of South Florida’s Athletic Performance staff seeks to provide a well-designed training program based on scientific principles that are geared to the needs of each individual athlete and team.  Our goal is to guide each USF student-athlete and each USF team to reach their highest level of competitive performance.


Our training methods will increase strength, physical endurance, and mental toughness while improving static and functional flexibility, injury resiliency, and recovery.  All training protocols are designed and implemented with the same underlying structure to ensure cohesion.  All student-athletes will be provided a consistent, safe and productive way of training. 

Rules of Conduct

All student-athletes and staff members who use the weight room are required to comply with the rules of operation regarding conduct and equipment use.  The posted rules have been established to ensure a safe environment for all who use it.  Violators of established rules are subject to discipline and possible suspension of weight room privileges.  Respective head coaches will be notified of all disciplinary actions.   


Enhance Performance: strength, speed, explosion, agility, flexibility, mental toughness, confidence, nutrition and conditioning in specific sports.

Injury Resiliency: Well-trained/conditioned muscles and joints decrease the possibility of injury. 

Guiding Principles

    Overall body strength

     Emphasize hip and core strength

     Develop explosiveness with correct form

     Specificity in training

     Stimulate muscles at different angles and intensity

     Variation of exercises within program

     Improve athleticism with complimentary exercises

Guiding Principles of Nutrition

     Meal planning and focused food choices

     Nutrient timing for optimal performance and recovery

     Using nutritional supplements as ergogenic aids to enhance athletic performance

     Muscle development (weight gain) and fat loss (weight loss) strategies

     Proper daily calorie requirements based on training volume and intensity

     Maintaining hydration and electrolyte balance

     Going to the grocery and not eating out = eating smarter and cheaper

Strength and Conditioning Opportunities

For information on internships or volunteering with the USF Department of Athletic Performance, please contact the Director of the Athletic Performance internship program at

USF Athletic Performance

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