2013-14 University of South Florida Cheerleading Squads
Photo by: Michael Cairns
 Clinic 3.30.2014
Registration: 9 am-10 am
Clinic: 10 am- 3 pm
Location: Enter Gate D Sun Dome
Cost: $35 CASH (Please bring correct change and a pen to fill out paper work)
All cheerleaders are required to be enrolled full time at USF for both the fall and spring semesters (a minimum of twelve credit hours per semester for undergraduate students, and minimum of nine for graduate students).  In addition all cheerleaders are required to keep a minimum 2.0 GPA (a C average) to remain on the squad.
The season begins with camp in July, pre- season beginning prior to the start of classes in August; and continues through the completion of basketball season in the spring.  Cheerleaders are responsible for attending all practices and/or games that occur during that time period; including those that fall during University breaks/vacations and holidays.  In general, the USF cheerleaders practice on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 6:30-9:30 p.m.; with the frequency of practices increasing to at least five times per week during competition season.  In addition to evening practices all squad members are also required to attend mandatory weight training sessions two times a week.
The USF cheerleaders participate in a large number of appearances on behalf of the University and Athletic Department.  Cheerleaders are ambassadors for the school and are expected to carry themselves accordingly at all times.  Each cheerleader is expected to volunteer for a variety of appearances throughout the course of the season.  USF cheerleaders are also required to participate in team fundraising efforts throughout the season.  The specific fundraisers, dates, and times will vary from season to season; but for each fundraising campaign cheerleaders will be given specific goals and deadlines and are expected to meet them.
Being a college cheerleader is an extremely rewarding experience, but is also extremely time consuming.  Cheerleaders are expected to put their academics first and cheerleading second.  Anyone interested in trying out should make sure that they are fully aware of the time commitment required and be ready to dedicate themselves accordingly.

Cheerleaders interested in becoming a member of the USF Cheerleading Program should check this website regularly for updates on try outs, clinics, camps, and any other information.  Please understand that the USF Cheerleading Program does not and cannot offer any assistance in the admissions process.  Individuals wishing to become a member of the squad must first be admitted to USF on their own merits before being allowed to try out.  If you have further questions please contact spirit coordinator Lori Moses at usfsundollcoach@aol.com

spirit coordinator- Lori Moses

Co-ed head coach- Keegan Hubbard

All-Girl head coach- Sandy Clarke