Exclusive: Watch Leavitt Get Painted

December 10, 2007


Leavitt Throws His Horns Up

  Exclusive: Watch Leavitt Prep For His Debut As Beef Stud 

TAMPA, Fla. - The University of South Florida men's basketball team extended its winning streak to seven games on "Finish Strong" night this past Saturday.

USF head football coach showed his diehard support for the "Finish Strong" motto and the USF hoopsters by getting painted up with the Beef Studs at halftime.  Leavitt made his appearance at the first media timeout of the second half and hung with the students in their rowdy section behind the media seating.

The idea for the body paint was a brain-child of Jeff Wagner, who is battling cancer and has been an inspirational figure for the USF team and fans all season long. 

In conjunction with the game, the USF Athletics deparment passed out 3,000 "Finish Strong" bracelets prior to the game.

Now GoUSFBulls.com and its video team are are taking viewers beyond security, where only USF staffers and the Beef Studs were allowed to go. Watch as Leavitt enjoys the spectacle of dawning body paint and hanging with USF's most vibrant student fan group.





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