Football Student Ticket Distribution Policy

January 02, 2009

Student Ticketing


  • Students have secure, personal accounts from which to manage their account information, request a ticket, track their attendance history, view their loyalty points, print their ticket, as well as purchase student guest tickets, football away game tickets and bowl game tickets if available.
  • Only currently enrolled, athletic-fee paying, students are eligible to request one (1) ticket to each home game.
  • Students must register online through the student ticket link at
  • When accessing the online services for the first time, students must input their personal information, including a valid email address to use for all future communications regarding football tickets.
  • Each student's login ID is their U# with a 9 replacing the U (e.g., U12345678 so the login ID is 912345678).
  • Each student's login password is the last six (6) digits of their student ID number.
  • On the student account home page, click on the link "view and request right of first refusal" under the buy tickets tab. Click on the game you want to request a ticket for.
  • Once you have submitted a request, you will be able to click on the submitted request tab to verify that your request was submitted.
  • If you are awarded a ticket (which you will be notified by email after the request period), you will click on the completed request tab and select the event. This will link you to your ticket that must be printed and brought to the game in order to gain entry into Raymond James Stadium.
  • If a student has any of the following holds on their account, they will be ineligible for a free student ticket until the hold is cleared. Students should check on OASIS before trying to register for student tickets 
  • Any staff member that is currently enrolled in classes may not qualify for a free student ticket. Please check with the registrar's office for information on eligibility.
  • Students must use the USF student ID that the USF card center reports as the active card. If a student has lost their student ID, they must get a new one in order to register their account.
  • Requests for each football home game must be received prior to the designated deadlines.  There is no advantage to being the first student to request a ticket, nor is there a disadvantage to being the last student to request.  Students should check on for all deadline schedules. 
  • By requesting a student ticket, the student agrees to all posted policies and procedures for student ticket distributions.
  • When the number of students that submit requests is fewer than the number of tickets available, all students requesting tickets will receive email notification that:

             a.   Each student has been awarded a ticket.

             b.   How and by what deadline to claim their ticket.

  • Students will be assigned a ticket either in the 100/200 level or 300 level based on the number of accrued loyalty points. 
  • After claiming a ticket, students must then print out their ticket from any computer and bring it along with their valid student IDs to the game.
  • Following the priority request period, additional students who desire to attend the game can claim any available tickets during the print-on-demand period up until kick-off on game day by printing out their ticket at home. Announcements regarding the availability of tickets will be emailed to each student as well as being posted on the student ticket page of
  • Students who claim a ticket but later decide not to attend the game for any reason must cancel their ticket with the USF Athletic Ticket Office no later than 12:00pm one day prior to game day to avoid the possibility of losing Loyalty Points (see 4.0 for details). Tickets may be cancelled in person at the USF Ticket Office located at the Baseball/Softball Complex Ticket Office or by email through the student ticketing website. Email notification must be received no later than 12:00pm one day prior, as well.
  • If a greater number of students request tickets than the number of tickets available, then a lottery distribution is automatically initiated.


Lottery Distribution is a loyalty-based lottery that is initiated only when demand for tickets exceeds supply.

  • Student lottery distribution is determined by student loyalty points. Therefore, students can increase the opportunity to obtain tickets to future games by attending any USF sanctioned athletic event. Opportunities will also be provided for students to earn loyalty points to non athletics events sanctioned by USF; details will be posted on
  • Students who are awarded tickets via Lottery Distribution will receive email notification regarding how and by what deadline they need to claim their tickets.
  • Students who are not awarded tickets via the lottery distribution will receive email notification that they have been placed on the waiting list.
  • If tickets are returned during Lottery Distribution, a second distribution occurs among registrants on the waiting list in straight Loyalty Point order.


Loyalty Points are awarded based on attendance to home USF sanctioned athletic events (Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Baseball and Softball).

  • Attendance is required to earn Loyalty Points. Students must have their tickets and/or valid USF student ID scanned at the respective entry gates to earn Loyalty Points for attending a USF home game.
  • Scanners remain available at the entry gates of an event until halftime of football, basketball and soccer games. For softball, they remain available until the conclusion of the third inning. For baseball, they remain available until the conclusion of the fourth inning. For volleyball, they remain available the conclusion of the second game. 
  • Ten (10) Loyalty Points are earned for attending any home football game.
  • Twenty (20) Loyalty Points are earned for attending any other ticketed USF athletic home contest, away football game or bowl game.
  • Bonus Loyalty Points could be earned for attending a game for which lottery distribution does not occur because the demand for tickets does not exceed the supply. Bonus points could also be earned for attending games over University of South Florida holiday breaks or other University events.
  • 50 bonus points will be given to Student Bulls Club members.   Student Bulls Club Web Page
  • Loyalty Points are not sport specific. Points are accumulated by attending any athletic event over the student’s career up to five academic years per student.


There are a total of 12,501 seats held at Raymond James Stadium for students, all of which are located in the north end of the building.

  • If a student obtains a Lower level ticket (100/200 Level), that student is eligible to sit within one of the following sections: 102-103, 106 and 144-151, which are located in the 100 level of the stadium, as well as sections: 201-206 and 241-245, which are located in the 200 level of the stadium. There are 9,841 student seats in the lower level of the stadium (5041 student seats in the 100 level and 4,800 student seats in the 200 level).
  • All students who receive a lower level student ticket will have a specific Gate that they must enter on game day (either Gate A or Gate B). The Gate will be listed on the print at home ticket.
  • Sections 140 and 143 are reserved for the USF band, for a total of 420 seats.
  • Section 240 is designated as the New Alumni Section of the stadium and is considered to be part of the student block. This section contains season tickets sold to first year alumni who have recently graduated from the University of South Florida.
  • If a student obtains a 300 level student ticket, that student is eligible to sit within one of the following sections: 341-344. There are a total of 2,240 seats available within these sections.
  • Students who receive a 300 level student ticket will enter at Gate B on game day.
  • If students do not use all of the allocated seats, then USF athletics reserves the right to open some or all of the 300 level seats to the general public for sale. This will not be determined until after the end of the request period for each game.
  • Two (2) basic requirements for admission to all football home games require that students present:

           a.   Their valid student ticket.

           b.   Their valid USF Student ID which matches the name on the ticket.

  • Each student ticket has the following printed on it:

           a.   A unique barcode

           b.   The student's name

           c.    The student's Entry Gate.

  • Student tickets are non-transferable. Students cannot buy, sell, or transfer student or guest tickets to other students, non-students, or any other person.
  • Student A cannot gain admission using the student ticket and/or USF student ID of Student B.
  • In the event that a student ticket is duplicated, only the first ticket (barcode) scanned at the student gate will be admitted. All duplicated tickets will be denied admission. Therefore, it is in the student's own interest not to duplicate his/her tickets.
  • If a student loses or misplaces a ticket, a ticket can be re-issued through the student ticket system. As soon as the new ticket is issued and emailed to the student, the previous ticket and barcode will be voided and will not be able to be used to gain entry into the Stadium.
  • All student tickets will indicate an assigned level of seating for football. Your ticket will indicate which level your ticket gives you access to. Within the assigned levels, seating is general admission. This enables students to sit with friends and select their preferred seat location within the student sections at Raymond James Stadium.
  • Students are welcome to reserve one (1) or two (2) seats for friends with whom they wish to sit during games. Students are not permitted to save large blocks of seats.


Students are able to request student guest tickets during the same student request period.  Guest tickets will be assigned within the same seating level as long as a student requests guest tickets at the same time of requesting their student ticket.  Students will pay for the guest ticket(s) at the time of requesting and will be notified via email regarding the seating location and when tickets are able to be printed.

  • Student guest tickets are general admission seating in the student section.
  • Student guest tickets are non-refundable.


  • Students will be able to purchase a ticket to any football away game through their online account. There will be 1,000 seats held for only students to purchase for away games in Florida and 500 seats held for games played in other states. Students are only allowed to purchase one (1) ticket to away games in the student block of seating.
  • All seating for most away games is assigned. Students will be grouped together into a USF Away Game Student Section. Select stadiums may have general admission tickets. Once tickets are available for pick up, an email will be sent out to all purchasers. The USF Athletic Ticket Office will not be able to hold any tickets.
  • Once the seating is assigned, tickets will be available for pick up at the USF Athletic Ticket Office.
  • Away game tickets will generally only be available for purchase up until two (2) weeks prior to the game. After this time, any remaining tickets (if any) must be returned to the opposing school. Any student(s) interested in attending an away game after this deadline will have to contact the opposing school's ticket office for tickets.
  • Students will not be penalized for not attending an away game.


  • Students will be able to request tickets to all bowl games in which USF participates. There will be a block of tickets set aside for only students to purchase depending on the amount of tickets available to the University. Limits on the number of seats available for purchase will be posted online.
  • In the event that the demand for bowl tickets exceeds supply, loyalty points will be used to determine who will be awarded tickets and seated according to points.


Students who abuse provisions of the student ticket distribution policy will be referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and, when necessary, to the Department of Public Safety (USF Police).

Violations that will result in referrals include, but are not limited to:

  • The sale, attempted sale or transfer of student tickets.
  • The duplication, replication, or alteration of student tickets and/or student guest tickets.
  • The presentation of a false, duplicated, replicated, or altered USF Student ID or the USF Student ID of another student, at the student entry gate or the USF Athletic Ticket Office.
  • Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the online student ticket distribution system or the personal account of another student.
  • Students found "responsible" for violations of the student ticket distribution policy or convicted of a criminal act related to the student ticket distribution policy, will result in the loss of all student ticket privileges and points for the remainder of the school year (end of spring season).

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