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USF Road Game Ticket Information

Student Info

• Students will have an allotment of tickets available for purchase for each USF away game.
• Student away game tickets will be grouped together into the same section(s).
• For all away games in Florida, 1000 student tickets will be available. For all out-of-state away games, 500 tickets will be available.
• Students will request tickets through the Student Website on
• Tickets will be assigned by your loyalty points. Details will be coming soon on the new ‘Online Student Ticketing Policy’.
• Away game tickets will go on-sale for students at a later date. Please stay tuned to for any updates.

• Tickets for the 2008 USF away games will be sold exclusively on line at To request your away game tickets, click on the tickets home page and log in to account manager. Your log in and password has been sent to your email address on file. If you do not know your log in or password please call your USF Season Ticket Representative at 1-800-GoBulls.
• 2008 USF away game tickets may be requested by USF season ticket holders, donors and alumni on a priority basis July18-28, 2008. Tickets will be assigned based on your priority point rank on July 29th.
• Each account holder may request a maximum of 4 tickets for the UCF, FIU and WVU games. For the NC State, Cincinnati and Louisville games, you may request up to 8 tickets per game.
• You will receive an email notification by July 31st indicating whether or not your request was approved.
• Beginning August 1st, all remaining tickets for the UCF, FIU, NC State, Cincinnati, and Louisville games will be made available to the general public. Remaining tickets for WVU will be released to the general public at a later date.
• For information on USF Bulls Travel Packages, check after August 1st and click on the tickets home page.

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2008 USF Away Game Schedule and Ticket Prices
Sat. Sept. 6
Sat. Oct. 25
Sat. Sept. 20
Thurs. Oct. 30
Sat. Sept. 27
NC State
Sat. Dec. 6
West Virginia
*Game times TBA. All sales are final, no refunds.


• Log on to
• Click on the link for “FB Road Tickets” (Located in green links on right hand side)
• Enter your account number and password (or pin #).
• The page listing all six away games will then be displayed.
• Each away game must be requested individually, so for every away game that you would like to request tickets for, the following procedure must be followed:
o Check the “Best Available” box.
o Choose the quantity of tickets you would like to request for that particular game (Note: ticket quantities are limited).
o Click on the “Place Request” button.
o On the next screen, confirm your order quantity and all required shipping information is correct.
o Click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.
o On the next screen you will verify your order and enter your credit card information. Please note that the total cost (including tickets and $3 per ticket processing fee) will NOT be charged unless you are awarded tickets.
o Click on the “Submit Request” button at the bottom of the page.
o The request will then be verified and you may request the next away game you wish to attend.
• Once you are back on the main Away Game ticket request page you can click on the tab “Submitted Request” to view all requests that have been submitted.
• After requests have been fulfilled they will be moved to the “Completed Requests” tab.

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