Understanding Priority Points System

July 20, 2008

Understanding Your Priority Points Total
The USF Athletic Department awards priority points in three categories of involvement:  Athletics Giving, Bulls Loyalty, and USF Connections.  Points earned in each category combine to establish your “rank” among those who support the USF Bulls.

Priority point totals are used to determine access to, and seating locations for, NCAA championships, bowl games, conference tournaments and NCAA events hosted by USF, tickets for road games, priority parking at home contests (where available), and any home event where demand exceeds ticket availability. Additionally, in the event reseating is required in any USF athletics venue, the priority points system will determine the order of seat selections.  

Priority points are awarded as follows:

Priority Points for Athletics Giving
Your Bulls Club annual gift helps underwrite scholarships for student-athletes, recruitment and retention of top quality coaches and staff, academic support, travel, the recruitment of future Bulls, and other critical operating needs.   Capital and endowment giving helps build the physical infrastructure needed for training and competition and  establish a permanent and stabilizing financial base.   Priority points are awarded in both categories, as well as for philanthropic loyalty to your USF Bulls as demonstrated by consecutive year giving:

Annual Giving:  Two (2) points for every $100 in gifts for current operations, including the Stampede Fund, scholarships (non-endowed), and individual sports.  Calculations are based on cash received.

Capital and Endowment Giving:  Five (5) points for every $100 given to USF Athletics for facilities or endowment.   Calculations are based on cash received and outstanding pledge balances for pledges in good standing.

Consecutive Year Giving:  One (1) point for each consecutive year of giving to USF Athletics, counting from the current year backward.

Bulls Loyalty Points
The Bulls Club Priority Points system honors those who support the Bulls by purchasing season tickets and using those tickets to cheer on our teams.   Points will be awarded for:

Season Ticket Portfolio:   One (1) point for each season ticket purchased for any USF varsity sport from 1972 forward.

Season Ticket Usage:   Beginning in 2008-09, 1/10 (.1) point will be awarded for each season ticket in your account that is scanned at events  (Currently, Athletics scans tickets for football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball).  For example, a football season ticket holder with six (6) season tickets that uses all their tickets for the season would receive a bonus of 3.6 points (assuming a 6-game home schedule). 

USF Connection Points
In this category, special one-time affiliation and leadership points are awarded for the following:

USF Graduate:  Five (5) points for graduating from the University of South Florida (awarded per account).

Former Varsity Student Athletes:  Twenty-five (25) points for being a former Bulls student-athlete, cheerleader, Sun Doll, or mascot; one (1) point for each year of membership in the Bulls Varsity Club.

Athletics Leadership:  Five (5) points for serving on the boards of directors for the USF Partnership for Athletics, the Bulls Club, or the Varsity Club.  Twenty (20) additional points for serving as president of those organizations.

Alumni Leadership:  Twenty (20) points for serving as President/Chairman of USF’s National Alumni Association; Twenty-five (25) points for becoming a life member of the USF Alumni Association.

Student Bulls Club:  Student Bulls Club members have the opportunity to earn special activity points for attending games, volunteering at events, and leadership activities.  In addition, service on the Student Bulls Club Board of Directors will earn five (5) points, and serving as president of the Board of Directors will earn twenty (20) points.   Student Bulls Club member annual gifts will receive credit under the “Athletics Giving” category.   All points earned by Student Bulls Club members will transfer over to their alumni accounts upon graduation.




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