USF Unveils Be-Respect-A-Bull Campaign

August 27, 2008

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The University of South Florida Alumni Association, Student Body and Athletics Department announced the release of a joint fan sportsmanship initiative on Tuesday.

The “Be Respect-A-Bull” campaign is aimed at promoting a high level of pride, sportsmanship and honor. Please welcome theBe-Respect-A-Bull players, coaches and fans of our opponent with great respect and the wonderful hospitality that is the hallmark of Bulls everywhere.

*Be Safe
* Be Responsible

* Be Courteous

* Be Proud

* Be-Respect-A-Bull!

USF Alumni Association representative Angie Brewer said the idea for Be-Respect-A-Bull went back more than two years.

“We talked about this two years ago and it is exciting to see it come to life today,” said Brewer.  “We wanted to begin this campaign as a way to build traditions around our football games.  We are such a young University and an even younger football program and we don’t have many traditions because of that youth.

“Today we are establishing a new code for our fans; one that encourages appropriate behavior and a welcoming environment for the visitors and our home team fans.”

Student Body President Greg Morgan supported the idea and helped bring the campaign to life.

“There was no question the Student Government wanted to support this campaign,” said Morgan.  “Our student fans are tremendous and I believe they are the best in the BIG EAST. They are also competitive and passionate.  We want to make sure they express those emotions in the right way, while being courteous to our opponent and their fans.”

Senior linebacker Tyrone McKenzie was asked and eagerly agreed to be the spokesperson for the football team on the new campaign.

“Our fans have always been tremendous during my time here,” said McKenzie.  “I have been in a ton of stadiums and you will hear things and see things in the stands that are done in front of young children.  It shouldn’t be that way and I hope that our fans embrace this message and set a standard for hospitality and sportsmanship on a national level.”


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