USF Breaks Ground on Pam & Les Muma Basketball Center

March 03, 2010
The Pam & Les Muma Basketball Center
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The Muma Center
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The University of South Florida and approximately 200 donors, fans and students celebrated the groundbreaking of the Pam and Les Muma Basketball Center on Wednesday.

"I’m proud to stand here today and tell you that we’ve been able, through fund raising and good management of our budget, to embark on $30 million of construction for a new basketball facility, baseball stadium, softball stadium and football practice complex utilizing no state funding," said USF Director of Athletics Doug Woolard.  "I’m proud to tell you that we’ve done it the right way, taking no more debt than we can afford. I’m proud to say that we have two of the best coaching staffs in America. And ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to say that both men’s and women’s basketball are eligible for the post-season.

"I’ve recently seen several basketball facilities across the United States. I’m convinced that no one in America will have a finer college basketball facility than what is being built here at USF.”

The 50,000 square foot Muma Center will feature:

o   Two practice courts
o   Player locker rooms and lounges
o   Two video/film theaters
o   Separate athletic training rooms for women and men
o   Joint weight room for both basketball programs
o   Coaches’ offices and locker rooms
o   Conference rooms

“Today  we break ground on the Pam and Les Muma Basketball Center,” said USF President Judy Genshaft.  “We will soon have a similar ceremony for baseball and softball, and for the Frank and Carol Morsani Football Practice Center. In roughly one year’s time, the athletics landscape will be completely transformed. I’ll let our Athletic Director, Doug Woolard, talk about what these facilities mean to our coaches and student athletes, but from where I sit, they are dramatic representations of a movement, of progress and of a university coming of age.”

Pam and Les Muma made a lead gift of $3 million to the basketball center on March 26, 2008.

“Pam and I have long been philanthropic but generally aimed at children and health situations,” said Les Muma, who is Chair of the USF Unstoppable capital campaign.  “Giving back, I think that’s part of what we should do as human beings, is give back when we can.

“I’ve always had a passion for basketball.  I love the game. I always have loved the game. And since this was kind of out of our normal realm of giving, I had to spend some period of time begging my dear wife if I could have this money to do what is outside of our normal giving.”

The footprint for the Muma Center is located on the south side of the Sun Dome. The basketball teams will continue to compete in the Sun Dome and practice in the Sun Dome and Corral while construction occurs on the Muma facility.

Construction on the facilities is should begin in April, subject to permitting and other construction issues. USF is hopeful to have the Muma Center, along with the baseball, softball and football facilities all completed by the end of the year.

Ground-breaking ceremonies for the baseball, softball and Morsani Football Practice Facility will occur later this spring.


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