Andy Gregory

BullsVision: Barrington & Stowell Give Back During Spring Break

March 23, 2010
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USF football players Sam Barrington and Tyller Stowell went to exotic locales for their spring breaks.

Barrington went to Africa, specifically Ghana.

Stowell went to Costa Rica.

Neither was there to party, get a tan, meet girls or hit the club. 

Both took the week break from school as an opportunity to give back. 

Barrington was connecting with his father, who lives in Ghana and is a successful entrepreneur with several for-profit and non-for-profit business.  The sophomore linebacker was learning his father's business and getting his hands dirty with some of the charity organizations.  He came back with the idea and hope of using his spotlight on the USF football team to create his own charity.

Stowell went to Costa Rica as part of group, which included former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Ryan Nece, on a mission trip for Athletes in Action.  During the day, they preached the gospel and built fences around a local orphanage.  At night, they taught local children and semi-pro athletes how to play football. 

Both came back with a greater understanding of the needs of two foreign countries, and a yearning to continue to assist in any way possible.

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