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TAMPA - The University of South Florida named Chris Malloy the new head men’s golf coach on June 29, replacing former coach Jim Fee who was named Director of Events and Championships with USF.

With a new coach in place, the Bulls will look to continue to build on the program’s success.

Over the next six weeks, we will take a closer look at the man in charge of the Men’s Golf team, including his journey from a kid who golfed with his dad on weekends to the head coaching position with the Bulls.
The Ole Miss graduate joined the USF staff after four years as the assistant coach with Florida State. Malloy helped lead the Seminoles to their first ACC Championship in 2008.

Getting Into Golf
Chris Malloy

Growing up in Warrenton, Va., USF men’s golf coach Chris Malloy developed a quality that has led him to his current position with the Bulls—competitiveness.

Malloy grew up playing sports—all sports—baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, soccer-- you name it, and Chris was involved. As a young kid, he developed the passion and competitiveness through games he played with friends and family members. He just did not want to lose.

“I am competitive to a fault, and that has not changed at all. I loved playing anything, competing in anything that I could, whether that be golf, tennis, basketball, baseball or soccer,” Malloy said.

It all started when he was just a youngster, following his dad around on the course on weekends, and eventually turned into a passion. Malloy would play with his brother as often as he could, saying it was just fun and a good escape.

“I was the golf course range rat. I would just practice putting, chipping, whatever it may be. We would be out on the practice facility, and then we would go swim and come back,” Malloy said.

Malloy enjoyed being active, constantly practice at all of his sports trying to get better. He was always on the going being competitive and fine-tuning his game.

After years of playing multiple sports, the 5’ 10’’ Malloy realized that his future may be in golf instead of basketball, and decided to focus on earning a college scholarship.

For Malloy, started as a game he played, but would eventually turn into a passion, a career and a way of life.

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