Tons of Bulls Qualify for Big East Championships

January 24, 2012

USF Senior Writer

The Bulls had 23 new qualifiers for the Big East Indoor Championships in action at the Notre Dame Invitational, while Neamen Wise took fourth in the heptathlon at Indiana University on a busy Saturday for the USF track and field team.

"We're really pleased with how the athletes performed," said USF assistant coach Lissa Olson, who was at Notre Dame. "We were going against some really strong teams (Notre Dame, Michigan State), so we're really happy to have as many event winners and also as many increased performances and Big East qualifiers."

Allie Prendergast won the women's 3,000-meter run at Notre Dame with a time of 9:37.08 that improves her indoor standing as the third-best Bull in the event in the program's history.

Monique Williams won the triple jump with a jump of 40'-7.75", Dariel Jackson took first in the 200 meters with a time of 24.56 and Melissa Teape took home the 60 meters in 7.60, which ranks her sixth all-time in USF indoor history.

Lindsey Lamar, Derrick Hopkins and Kayvon Webster all qualified for Big East by finishing one, two and four in the 60 meters. Lamar won the event in 6.77 and Hopkins finished close behind in 6.79.

David Aristil won the 60-meter hurdles in 8.13 and also became a Big East qualifier in the 500 meters. Pascal Orelus took first in the 400 meters with a time of 47.95.

In the field events, freshman Drew Volz shined in the pole vault winning the collegiate event with a jump of 16'-6.75", well above the Big East qualifying mark.

Other Big East qualifiers on the women's side for USF at Notre Dame were Nicole Rozario (3,000m), Rachael James (500m), Shaniel Chambers (500m), Christine Poole-Trice (400m), Cynthia Aoufoh (triple jump) and Christine Johnston in the mile run.

Other USF men's Big East qualifiers at Notre Dame were Reshaw Exilien, who took third in the 400 meters, Franklin Mosely (400m), Shane Lewis (long and triple jump), Philip Wise (mile), Giscard Petion (high jump), Chase Meyers (high jump), Brian Kilts (high jump) and Jared Thomas in the shot put and weight throw.

"They're right on track as far as improving each week and getting competitive marks," Olson said.

A small group of Bulls finished up at the Gladstein Invitational at Indiana University, where Neamen Wise took fourth place in the heptathlon with 4,675 points. Wise won the 60-meter hurdles in 8.41 seconds and also took home a victory in the 1,000-meter run at 2:51.40.

Ena Johnson placed 13th in the women's 60-meter hurdles with a time of 8.24.

USF's indoor track and field season continues next Friday at the Indiana Relays in Bloomington, Ind.

Notre Dame Invitational

Women's 60 meters

1. Melissa Teape, 7.60

2. Dariel Jackson, 7.66

7. Shambrey Oliver, 7.88

Women's 200 meters

1. Dariel Jackson, 24.56

2. Melissa Teape, 24.88

13. Shambrey Oliver, 25.81

15. Christine Poole-Trice, 26.11

Women's 400 meters

5. Christine Poole-Trice, 57.54

10. Rebecca James, 1:01.57

Women's 500 meters

3. Shaniel Chambers, 1:13.83

4. Rachael James, 1:14.52

12. Robyn Oakley, 1:21.45

Women's mile

7. Kelli Williams, 5:02.22

8. Christine Johnston, 5:05.75

13. Devin Spoerle, 5:15.83

Women's 3,000 meters

1. Allie Prendergast, 9:37.08

4. Nicole Rozario, 9:48.66

14. Jessie Prendergast, 10:54.15

Women's 4x400-meter relay

6 Shaniel Chambers, Rachael James, Melissa Teape, Christine Poole-Trice, 3:53.15

11. Robyn Oakley, Shambrey Oliver, Rebecca James, Marqueshia Stallworth, 4:06.44

Women's high jump

5. Courtney Anderson, 5'-6" (1.68m)

8. Paige Cooke, 5'-2.25" (1.58m)

Women's pole vault

5. Nicole Smith, 11'-7.75" (3.55m)

7. Carissa Leonardi, 11'-1.75" (3.40m)

9. Brittany London, 11'-1.75" (3.40m)

DNP Mallory Johnson, 3.50 m

Women's long jump

4. Monique Williams, 17'-10.75" (5.45m)

5. Natasha Stewart, 17'-9.75" (5.43m)

11. Miriam Skipper, 17'-2.25" (5.24m)

13.  Marqueshia Stallworth, 16'-6.00" (5.03m)

Women's triple jump

1. Monique Williams, 40'-7.75" (12.39m)

3. Cynthia Aoufoh, 39'-3.75" (11.98m)

5. Natasha Stewart, 38'-9.50" (11.82m)

Women's shot put

8. Hannah Gospodinsky, 41'-11.25" (12.78m)

Women's weight throw

14. Hannah Gospodinsky, 45'-7.00" (13.89m)

Men's 60 meters

1. Lindsey Lamar, 6.77

2. Derrick Hopkins, 6.79

4. Kayvon Webster, 6.96

Men's 400 meters

1. Pascal Orelus, 47.95

3. Reshaw Exilien, 48.96

5. Franklin Mosely, 49.17

Men's 500 meters

2. David Aristil, 1:04.32

5. Camilo Calderon, 1:07.66

Men's mile

5. Phillip Wise, 4:14.02

Men's 60-meter hurdles

1. David Aristil, 8.13

6. Camilo Calderon, 8.61

Men's 4x400-meter relay

2. David Aristil, Pascal Orelus, Franklin Mosely, Reshaw Exilien, 3:14.12

Men's high jump

4. Giscard Petion, 6'-9.00" (2.06m)

6. Chase Meyers, 6'-5.00" (1.96m)

8. Brian Kilts, 6'-5.00" (1.96m)

Men's pole vault

1. Drew Volz, 16'-6.75" (5.05)

Men's long jump

2. Shane Lewis, 22'-5.00" (6.83m)

6. Brian Kilts, 21'-10.75" (6.67 m) 

Men's triple jump

2. Shane Lewis, 48'-4.50" (14.74 m)

Men's shot put

9. Jared Thomas, 51'-7.00" (15.72 m)

10. Justin Osking, 47'-4.50" (14.44 m)

Men's weight throw

4. Jared Thomas (18.28 m)

Gladstein Invitational Results, Indiana University

Men's heptathlon

4. Neamen Wise, 4,675 points

Men's 60-meter hurdles (heptathlon)

1. Neamen Wise, 8.41

Men's pole vault (heptathlon)

DNP Neamen Wise, 3.60

Men's 1,000-meter run (heptathlon)

1. Neamen Wise, 2:51.40

Women's 60-meter hurdles

13. Ena Johnson, 9.24

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