Tom Hagerty

Moreno Excited About Special Volunteer Coach

January 17, 2013


USF Senior Writer

TAMPA - The USF women's tennis team's new volunteer assistant coach has quite the resume.

Head coach Agustin Moreno is pleased to announce that former pro tennis star Hans Gildemeister has agreed to help out his program. Gildemeister was a pro from 1973-1987 and once was No. 12 in the ATP world rankings before starting his coaching career. He has remained on the world stage by coaching Chile's Davis Cup and Olympic teams.

"He knows what pressure is and he knows how to handle things as a coach and as a player," Moreno said. "He's just one of the sports heroes in his country and we're very lucky to have someone with the experience that he has."

Gildemeister coached Nicolas Massu to singles and doubles titles in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, along with Fernando Gonzalez, who won the bronze in singles and was Massu's doubles partner. Now the Bulls are getting the same type of guidance from a man that won 445 matches and 27 titles as a pro in singles and doubles. Gildemeister was ranked as highly as No. 5 in the world in doubles in his final year as a pro.

"He wants to help out the girls and the girls know they can use his expertise," Moreno said.

Moreno said his longtime friend will spend "a lot of days" with USF and will be on hand to coach during some matches.  Gildemeister helped guide the Bulls during their 6-1 win over Syracuse last Saturday at the USF Varsity Courts.

"He can help me in getting USF to be known a little more around the world, and with his technical support, he's going to help a lot," Moreno said.

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