Bulls Impress In Doubles In Illini Open Day Two

January 18, 2014

FT. MYERS, JAN. 18, 2014--- The Bulls had a good showing in doubles on day two of the Illini Open, picking up two of their four doubles matches. The team of Roberto Cid and Sasha Gozun defeated the University of Florida’s team of Florent Diep and Maxx Lipman in a tiebreaker, 6-5 (3). Oliver Pramming and Ignacio Gonzalez-Muniz picked up an impressive victory against Farris Gosea and Blake Bazarnik from the University of Illinois, winning 6-3.

“We saw a lot of good things in the doubles matches today from the guys,” head coach Matt Hill said.

The Bulls were only able to pick up one win in singles, with Federico Sabogal defeating Julian Childers of Illinois, 5-6 (3), 6-5 (5), 6-3. Sabogal sat out the matches yesterday before picking up the big win today.

“In singles we saw some areas we have been working on in training that our opponents exposed, so today was a great learning day for us,” said Hill. “The guys are listening and taking in the information, so the question that stands in front of us now is how fast they can incorporate what we are saying in their daily training routines and habits. We are excited to see how they respond on the third and final day.”

That third and final day of the Illini Open in Fort Myers will kick off with doubles matches at 10:00 a.m. with singles matches to follow.



Orkin/Watson (UF) def. Sabogal/Dzib (USF) 6-5(3)
Page/Childers (ILL) def. Polarczyk/Kalyuzhnyy (USF) 6-4
Cid/Gozun (USF) def. Diep/Lipman (UF) 6-5 (3)
Pramming/Gonzalez (USF) def. Gosea/Bazarnik (ILL) 6-3


Blake Bazarnik (ILL) def. Ignacio Gonzalez-Muniz (USF) 6-5 (4), 5-6 (5), 6-3
Tim Kopinski (ILL) def. Roberto Cid (USF) 6-2, 3-6, 6-5 (6)
Farris Gosea (ILL) def. Oliver Pramming 6-5 (5), 6-3
Maxx Lipman (UF) def. Sasha Gozun (USF) 6-3, 5-6 (4), 6-5 (4)
Florent Diep (UF) def. Vadym Kalyuzhnyy (USF) 6-4, 6-5 (5)
Elliot Orkin (UF) def. Everth Dzib (USF) 6-3, 6-3
Federico Sabogal def. Julian Childers (ILL) 5-6 (3) 6-5 (5), 6-3

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