USF Mission Statement

September 01, 2015
Athletic Training Center
Athletic Training Center



The University of South Florida System Athletic Department is committed to providing all student-athletes with opportunities to receive a world-class education, win championships, and develop into the leaders of tomorrow while embracing our partnerships within the Tampa Bay community. 


WIN: Classroom, Community, Competition 


Commitment: Conducting ourselves every day with unwavering dedication, devotion, and loyalty to the student-athletes, the University, and each other through leadership and a resolve to do the right thing always. 

Community: Enhancing and inspiring the lives of our diverse constituents while building relationships through engaged, collaborative, and inclusive service; all intended to create a sense of pride and to serve the people of the University, the Tampa Bay area, the State of Florida, and the world. 

Excellence: Relentlessly pursuing success in every endeavor, and providing the highest quality results in all areas, including competition, academics, compliance, business operations, and external affairs, utilizing best practices in a continuing and effective manner. 

Innovation: Engaging proactive and progressive creativity in all affairs, challenging ourselves to be forward-thinking yet thoughtful risk-takers who challenge the status quo and who bring new and different cutting-edge ideas and methods which add value to our enterprise. 

Integrity: Conducting ourselves ethically, honestly, and respectfully, following the highest standards of conduct with high moral character, honor, respect and accountability, in a fair, consistent, and transparent way in all that we do. 


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