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Selvie & Grothe Pick Up Preseason All-America Honors
NationalChamps.net officially released its College Football Preview for the upcoming Matt Grothe2009 season, including their Top 25 Heisman Candidates and the list of Preseason All-Americans.

USF senior defensive end George Selvie has been chosen as a First Team honoree on the All-American list. Senior quarterback Matt Grothe has received Honorable Mention status.

Heisman voter Todd Helmick has also placed Matt Grothe on his preseason list of Heisman Candidates at No. 21. Helmick wrote:

Grothe emerged on the national landscape after his sensational freshman campaign of 2006. He is exquisite at making things happen while scrambling and is primed to become the Big East record holder for career yards in total offense.

This will be the 10th season NationalChamps.net has released an annual College Football Preview, complete with analysis, rankings, depth charts and unit grades.

The NationalChamps.net TV Listings contain a week-by-week and game-by-game schedule breakdown, complete for every team with announced television times and channels. These are the most comprehensive college football TV listings available nationwide.

Wrapping Up The Spring
Coach Leavitt said after the 15th and final session of the Spring that he would have a tough time putting together a depth chart because too many starting spots are still open.

He did say that BJ Daniels was the No. 2 quarterback, but mostly because Evan Landi is also going to work at wide receiver. He continued to reiterate that both players have tremendous futures ahead of them as signal callers.

Leavitt said that the competition for starting rights at running back would remain open through the summer and likely fall. That means Mike Ford, Mo Plancher, Richard Kelly, Jamar Taylor, Demetris Murray and Aston Samuels (back after spending time at wide receiver) will have the next few months to earn the top spot.

BullsVision Video: Coach Leavitt After Final Spring Practice


Evan LandiSpring Insights - Quarterbacks
With the transition to offensive coordinator, we purposely gave Mike Canales a little extra time before we picked his brain about the quarterbacks on the roster.

Several things stood out about the position battle this spring:

1. USF's future looks bright beyond the Matt Grothe era, when BJ Daniels or Evan Landi will likely take the controls.

2. USF would sure like to find ways to get all three quarterbacks on the field in 2009 and Landi is a shoe-in at wide receiver.

3. Despite a tight competition, the three players have bonded and become a tight-knit group this fall. "You saw them high-fiving and chest bumping when the other player had a big play in the spring game. They are all pushing each other, but they understand if they get better as a group, the whole team will improve."

4. All three quarterbacks are embracing the film room more than ever. Coach Canales said that Grothe has become, "Phillip Rivers," in his devotion to film study this fall.


5. Coach Canales likes nicknames... The QB's go to "quarterback school", not meetings, every day. And he's already dubbed Daniels the "Magician" and Landi, "Slash."

Read on to his comments below for more on the quarterbacks:

Canales on BJ Daniels
"The Magician. He makes a lot of things happen, he's learning so much and has shown a lot growth. What will be most important this summer is the film work and continuing to learn. He's really anxious to keep learning. He has to find the time during summer, to watch all the practices, the 7-on-7's and our games. That will keep his mind working. He'll keep going through the reads. I am really pleased where he is at. He's become a sponge and quarterback school has really been a positive experience for him."

Canales on Evan Landi
"Slash. He has grativated to this offense and now he just wants more and more and more. Like BJ, he's become a sponge and really wants to keep learning. He has great upside and is a tremendous competitor. Everyone saw that in the Spring Game when he drove his team down the field at the end of the game. The light has turned on and he has a great excitement. Evan will just continue to get better as his reps and study increase."

Canales on Matt Grothe
"He has a much better understanding of what defenses are doing and he's become Phillip Rivers in the film room. He is really and truly starting to understand the entire game. I am very proud of him and the strides he has made during his last spring."

Grothe's Streak Ends
Coach Canales admitted that he jinxed Grothe by telling the media that the senior quarterback hadn't thrown an interception through 13 spring practices.

Grothe threw two picks in the final two practices of the spring, but Canales let him off the hook for one because of a, "receiver bust."

"I think the fact that he only had two inteceptions over these 15 practices really shows his growth in a short amount of time," said Canales.