Bulls Walk (Out) to Their Own Beats

May 18, 2009

After listening to the Bulls' walk out songs at Red McEwen Field all season, GoUSFBulls.com asked a few of the players the name and artist of their song and why they chose it. While you watch the BIG EAST Championships on www.BIGEASTBaseball.com click on each player's song below to take a listen as they step to the plate.

Click on the link in the right-hand column to listen to each player's song on BullsVision.

Player Song Artist Listen Here
Todd Brazeal "Move If You Wanna" Mims Link
I chose mine because I'm a huge MIMS fan and I've enjoyed a lot of his singles since he became popular. And I enjoy getting the fans involved with a song that I know will make them bob their heads.
Peter Brotons "Hero" Nas Link
 The title of the song is hero and that's what everyone wants to be somehow on the field and in life. The beat is unbelieveable and really gets me going physically and mentally. Nas is my favorite rapper. He's not commercial and I love that about him.
Sean Buckley "Can't Stop" Red Hot Chili Peppers Link
Junior Carlin "All the Above" Maino/T-Pain Link
Joe Cole "Undead" Hollywood Undead Link
 I chose my song because the beginning of it gets me pumped up. It helps me get to the right energy level that I need to pitch with.
Mike Consolmagno "Re-Up" Eminem Link
I chose my walk out song because Eminem is my favorite artist and he pumps me up! I also chose it because when I walk up to the plate I like to listen to the lyrics of the song to pump me up, the song also has a good beat too.
Trey Dahl "Bittersweet Symphony" The Verve Link
Kyle Eastham "Hells Bells" AC/DC Link
 The song starts out slow with the bells and then takes off and gets me ready.
Randy Fontanez "Hear Me Coming" Yung Joc Link
Ryan Garcia "Last Resort" Papa Roach Link
Stephen Hunt "Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice Link
Teddy Kaufman "World, Hang On" Bob Sinclair Link
I chose that song for two reasons. The first is because when I first heard the song, it reminds me of a very fun time in my life. The story is too long to get into for the article, but it gives me happy and fun thoughts. The second reason, is because whenever I have played this song for people, or I see people listening to this song, it seems to always put a smile on peoples faces. I think it's a fun song, that puts people in an exciting and crunk mood! 
Jonathan Koscso "Layla" Eric Clapton Link
 I like the sound of the guitar intro at the beginning. I'm also a bit of a classic rock fan.
Ryan Lockwood "Become the Bull" Atreyu Link
Andrew Longley "Still Dre" Snoop Dogg Link
Trey Manz "Voodoo Child" Jimi Hendrix Link
Jordy McGillis "Good Eye Sniper" Coheed and Cambria Link
Sam Mende "What Up, What's Happening" T.I. Link
There are a couple reasons why I chose my intro song "What's Up, Whats Happenin" by T.I. I am a fan of hip-hop and one day while driving with my buddy we heard that song and knew that would be the one. It has a beat to get the crowd into it and says words that I use as motivation.
Zach Pietrzyk "10 Speed Gods Blood Burial" Coheed and Cambria Link
I like the band and it's a good song to get me ready to pitch. I used to play it on guitar hero all of the time so I decided to make it my walk out song.
Adrian Puig "Can't Stop" Red Hot Chili Peppers Link
Kevin Quackenbush "Fire" Ohio Players Link
 I heard my song on the radio one day and I thought that would be an awesome walk out song and I am a big fan of disco and funk music. I also thought it was really funny.
Matt Quevedo  "The Ecstasy of Gold" Ennio Morricone  Link
 From the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
Matt Reed "All the Above" Maino/T-Pain Link
Chris Rey "Who, What, When, Where" Pastor Troy Link
 I love the beat and it gets me pumped
Daniel Rockhold "Day and Night" Kid Cudi Link
Andrew Salgueiro "Let It Rock" Kevin Rudolf Link
 I picked it becaue when I step out on the mound and hear that song it gets me going. It gets my mindset ready to shut the door. Plus the song's words are perfect.
Shawn Sanford "Wanted Dead Or Alive" Bon Jovi Link
I chose this song because it is one of the featured songs in "Rock Band" and from playing the game so much it is now one of the few songs that I can sing from start to finish.
Brandon Smith "I'm a King" T.I Link
Matt Stull "Welcome Home" Coheed and Cambria Link
Derrick Stultz "Closer" Kings of Leon Link
 I chose it because i heard it when Cristi Ecks walked out to pitch. I felt that would set the atmosphere when I step on the mound.
Doug Wagner  "Carpe Diem" Metallica  Link

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