Sports Medicine

October 20, 2011
USF Health

Photo Gallery of the Facility

The University of South Florida Sports Medicine Department has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade.

Under the guidance of Steve Walz, USFSM has increased staff, increased the number of Graduate Assistants, moved into a new 5,400-square-foot Sports Medicine Clinic, and has greatly increased the level of medical care and coverage every USF student-athlete receives.

USFSM is proud to partner with the best physicians and health care providers in the Tampa Bay Area to be ready for any medical need that arises. Looking ahead, USFSM plans to continue to be recognized as a leader in both clinical sports medicine and research in several areas, including Heat Illness recognition and treatment.

The Sports Medicine Clinic is housed in the new Athletic Training Center.  Opened in May of 2004, the 5,400 square foot clinic is designed with the health care of every student-athlete in mind.  It features brand new modalities and rehab equipment, as well as three Hydroworx series pools.  The Hydroworx 1000 is equipped with an underwater treadmill, three current jets, an underwater camera monitoring system, and a computer control console.  These pools are state-of-the-art and will allow the student-athletes an extra tool to return to play quickly and safely.

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