The Fishman Family Student-Athlete Enrichment Center at the University of South Florida is committed to the total development of our student-athletes, including academic achievement, personal development, career development, and community involvement. Emphasis is placed on empowering student-athletes to take ownership in their education and a staff of academic coordinators, learning specialist, learning assistants, and subject tutors work one-on-one with student-athletes to provide them with support during their transition to the University and throughout their time at USF. Components of the program include weekly meetings with an academic mentor, objective-based study hall, individual and group tutoring, as well as ongoing academic advising.


Academic Services is committed to integrity and academic excellence, as we provide services, programming, and guidance that are student-athlete centered. We want to assist student-athletes in becoming self-reliant, building character and leadership skills, positioning themselves to graduate, and preparing for life after sport.

We are committed to:

Academic Achievement

  • Protecting the academic integrity of the University of South Florida
  • Promoting compliance with NCAA, American Athletic Conference, and USF regulations
  • Instilling a devoted pursuit toward academic excellence and degree completion
  • Providing necessary resources to achieve academic success
  • Building trusting relationships that foster student success

Personal Development

  • Inspiring growth and responsibility in the classroom, athletic arena, and life after sport
  • Offering opportunities to obtain knowledge or experience to develop “life skills”
  • Encouraging a decision-making process based on integrity and ethics

Career Development

  • Enhancing employability of student-athletes by offering sessions and consultations covering résumé-writing, mock-interviewing, strengths discovery, and job-searching
  • Teaching professionalism by providing experiences in networking, first impressions, etiquette training, and mentoring.

Community Involvement

  • Establishing community partnerships to build humility and care for others


  • To acclimate student-athletes using proactive and preventive measures including the transition to college, academic skills and personal skills necessary for academic success.
  • Retain and support student-athletes using a holistic approach to student-athlete support programming.
  • Graduate all student-athletes.