USF Student Traditions

March 19, 2009
USF Traditions
Alma mater | Download Audio Version
The Thundering HerdHail to Thee, our Alma Mater
May thy name be told,
Where above thy gleaming splendor,
Waves the green and gold.
Thou our guide in quest for knowledge.
Where we all are free
University of South Florida,
Alma Mater, Hail to thee!
Be our guide in truth and wisdom
As we onward go,
May thy glory, fame and honor
Never cease to grow;
May our thoughts and prayers
be with thee through eternity,
University of South Florida,
Alma Mater, Hail to thee!

USF Fight Song | Download Audio VersionThe Thundering Herd
USF Bulls are we,
We hold our standard upright and free.
For Green and Gold we stand united.
Our beacon lighted and noble to see.
USF Bulls are we,
For USF will always be.
With all our might we fight the battle
here and now, and we will win the victory!
(shout!) S-O-U-T-H F-L-O-R-I-D-A
South Florida, South Florida
Go Bulls!


Other USF Gameday Songs
The Thundering Herd
March Victorious
Download Audio Version
March Victories is played at different times during USF football and basketball games, including after every touchdown by the USF football team.

The Bull
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Confused by many as the fight song of USF,"The Bull" is a rally cry for fans to get on their feet and start circling the Bulls "hand symbol" over their head.

The Bulls Hand SignThe bullhorns created from the fingers on your hand create a powerful symbol that silently screams: "Go Bulls!" The Signal, First started as a good luck for basketball free-throw shooters, the symbol is now used during all athletic events.


Our Shirt | Official Website
Our ShirtThe Our Shirt Campaign is a student lead initiative dedicated to providing a visual representation of the collective ownership, pride and unity felt by USF students and fans. Our Shirt is the official uniform for ALL USF athletic events, and sends a clear message to our peers, our community and our opponents...THERE IS STRENGTH IN UNITY.
Rocky the Bull | Book Rocky
Our ShirtThe official 'live' mascot of USF Athletics can be found stampeding up and down the sidelines of just about every sport. The loveable character is a fan and kid favorite. Read More...




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