Day 3 - Saturday, Aug. 7
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Practice Report

Practicing in Shells
In the third day of camp, the Bulls put on shoulder pads for the first time of the fall after practicing two days with just helmets, shirts and shorts.  

Raindrops Cool the Trek
The Bulls made the trek from the athletics facility to the practice field in a downpour of rain, but the sun was back beaming onto the players' shoulder pads in time for stretching, also called "flex."

Focusing on Details
Coach Holtz stresses the importance of details with his players, as seen during flex, when the players must line up their helmets with the back edge of the yard line on which they are stretching.

Punting with Volleyballs
A drill that we first saw in spring practices, the Bulls' punters booted volleyballs so special teams could work on punt blocking. See photo above. Volleyballs, much lighter balls than a pigskins, flew around the far end of the practice field, but were quickly corralled by equipment managers.

Bulls Pick Up Votes
On Friday USF picked up votes in the USA Today Coaches' Preseason Poll.

The four votes received maybe surprising to some but when you look at it makes sense.  In a number of the top preview magazines, the Bulls have been a consensus pick in the 40-50 range and by our count the four received votes unofficially equates them to 45th in the nation, according to the poll.

USF is one of five BIG EAST teams listed in the poll, including No. 15 Pittsburgh and No. 24 West Virginia, along with Cincinnati and Connecticut receiving votes.

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@knowledgeatd: Bulls Fans if you go to Vero Beach, check-in on 4sq; use #usffootball to tag your piece to the puzzle

@ USFFootball  Awesome find. That's big time stuff right there RT @bglauser: JPP..GO BULLS! @ USFFootball 

@ USFFootball  Dontae Aycock, the only newcomer not at practice yesterday, is dressed and ready to go.

@ USFFootball B.J. Daniels is out of the no-contact red jersey and back into the Green No. 7.

@ USFFootball  JPP..GO BULLS! @USFFootball

@gregauman Those white helmets you loved seeing the Bulls play in? USF is using them in practice this year. Skip Holtz says it could be in games, too.

@CoachHoltz Love the first day of practice. Excited to go to camp

@ mistralUSF16 I gotta admit, I'm really liking the flow of things circulating this program!!! 




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