USF Achieves Largest APR Increase in Country

May 24, 2011
Notes on USF's APR Scores
  • Football produced largest increase among BCS schools for second consecutive year
  • Football's two-year improvement was 14 points better than the next closest program
  • Football is tied for 30th out of 66 BCS schools, up from 59th last year
  • Men's Basketball's two-year improvement is the fourth-largest gain of any team in the six major conferences
  • Men's Basketball is tied for 11th in BIG EAST, up from 15th last year
  • 13-of-18 USF programs produced a positive trend from last year
  • 16-of-18 USF programs produced annual APR rates above 950
  • Women's Tennis received special recognition for having a perfect multi-year rate of 1,000

TAMPA - The University of South Florida continued to show progress in the NCAA's most recent edition of the Academic Progress Rate (APR) report released on Tuesday, highlighted by the football program producing the largest improvement out of BCS schools for the second consecutive year. The 2011 APR report consists of multi-year data from 2006-07 through 2009-10.

"We continue to see strong improvement across the department as it relates to APR and we couldn't be more excited about the direction we're headed," said Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Doug Woolard. "Helping our student-athletes graduate is one of the core goals of this athletic department and the progress we've made over the last couple of years is promising. We want to continue to build on these positive trends, and with the hard work of our student-services department and the student-athletes themselves, we definitely feel like the progress will continue."

Building off the positive trend from last year, the Bulls football program saw another large increase in 2011. After posting a 930 in the 2010 report and producing a 21-point increase, which was tied for the largest improvement of any BCS school, the football program increased another 22 points, the largest improvement of any BCS school this year, to 952. That mark is tied for 30th out of the 66 BCS schools, up from 59th last year, and ranks fourth in the BIG EAST, up from seventh a year ago. Overall, the football program's 43-point improvement over the last two years is 14 points larger than the second-best two-year improvement. In addition, the program's annual score increased for the fourth-consecutive year, going from 879 in 2005-06 to 971 in 2009-10.

The men's basketball program has also continued its positive trend. Last year, the program produced a 37-point jump from the previous year, which was the fifth-best improvement out of the 73 schools in the six major conferences, to 915. This year, the men's basketball program improved another 22 points, the 10th-largest increase, to 937. The mark of 937 is tied for 11th in the BIG EAST, up from 15th last year. The 59-point improvement over the last two years is tied for the fourth-largest gain of the 73 schools in the six major conferences.

Of USF's 18 sports represented in the report, 13 have a positive multi-year APR trend from the 2010 report and 16-of-18 programs have annual APR rates above 950, including eight with perfect rates of 1,000.

The athletic department is led by the women's tennis program, which received special recognition last week for achieving a perfect multi-year rate of 1,000. Three other programs achieved a rate in the 990s with volleyball at 994, women's golf at 993 and softball at 991. The men's tennis program was the top male performer with a multi-year score of 983.

This year's report comes on the heels of USF's most successful semester academically on record. The department produced a combined 3.01 GPA for the spring 2011 term, which was headlined by the women's tennis program at 3.56, the women's golf program at 3.46 and the men's golf program at 3.42.

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