Student Bulls Club

December 29, 2011

Student Bulls Club
Do you love your university? Do you bleed green and gold? If so, the Student Bulls Club is for you! SBC is full of die-hard USF fans who go above and beyond in support of USF Athletics. No matter the sport, at home or on the road, the Student Bulls Club will be there cheering on our fellow students and working
to make USF America’s next great athletic program. For an annual gift of $25* which directly supports the USF Stampede Athletic Fund, you become a member
of SBC.

All members receive a t-shirt to be worn at all games, have opportunities to interact with various USF coaches, are invited to a variety of special athletics events, and much more. The Student Bulls Club also offers great travel packages to help you follow the Bulls on the road for big games.

So how do you join? Complete the online application at and make your gift by credit card; or print the SBC application and either bring it to the USF Athletics Training Center near the Sun Dome, or mail it to the address listed along with your $25. As easy as that, you’ll become a member of one of the largest student groups on campus... and for sure the best! USF has come so far so fast . . . but is still young enough that you can help build a legacy for the youngest BCS program in America. Let’s make USF the place no opposing team wants to come and play, and the best athletic department in the American!

For more information on the Student Bulls Club, send an email to the Bulls Club at 813-974-6729..

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